Maintaining your Club Car Electric Golf Car – Battery Maintenance

Club Car E.R.I.C Charger

Preserve the life of your Club Car Electric Golf Car with Regular Preventative Maintenance.

Your Club Car Electric Tempo or Precedent golf car is designed and built to deliver years of worry-free driving pleasure. To keep your vehicle in good working condition and preserve its life, undertake regular preventive maintenance as per the manufacturer’s recommendations set out in your Owner’s Manual (Precedent) or Operator’s Manual (Tempo).

Don’t Neglect the Batteries

The most frequent service requests we get are battery related with customers reporting that their batteries are not lasting.  In many cases, our engineer finds that this is due to poor battery maintenance routines. For that reason, we urge all electric buggy owners and operators to take the following steps to avoid damage and maximise the life of your batteries:-

  • Charge the batteries after each use. Never leave batteries discharged overnight or longer than absolutely necessary.
  • Check your electrolyte levels weekly if your vehicle is not equipped with the single-point watering system and add water if needed.
  • For vehicles equipped with the single point watering system, water the batteries monthly or according to the watering interval you’ve established, following the instructions in your owner’s/operator’s manual.
  • Charge the batteries before adding water unless the electrolyte level is below the top of the plates. In that case, add just enough water to cover the plates. Then charge the batteries and check the level again.
  • Never charge the batteries when the plates are exposed above the electrolyte level. To maximise the life of your batteries, add only distilled water. Do not overfill the batteries. Fully tighten the battery caps to prevent electrolyte leakage.
  • Make sure the battery hold-downs are tight enough so that the batteries do not move while the vehicle is in motion. Do not over-tighten as this can cause the battery case to crack or buckle. Inspect the terminal connections regularly to ensure that they are clean and tight. Replace any worn insulation or frayed wires.
  • Keep the batteries clean and free of corrosion by washing the tops and terminals monthly. Use a solution of one cup baking soda per one gallon of water. Do not allow the solution to enter the batteries. Thoroughly rinse the solution off the batteries. Fully tighten the battery terminals. Let the terminals dry, then coat them with Battery Terminal Protector Spray, which is available from Caddy Cars. Dispose of waste water properly.

If, despite all of the above, your buggy won’t go, fill in a service request form and we’ll do our best to get your buggy up and running as soon as possible

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