Get Set for Winter – Electric Golf Buggy Storage Tips

Snow Covered Golf Buggies

Golf Buggy Winter Storage – Buggies left out in the Snow –  Not Recommended!

Step-By-Step Guidelines for Electric Golf Buggy Winter Storage

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in and the weather’s taken on a wintry feel – it’s time to start thinking about arrangements for Electric Golf Buggy Winter Storage. 

Preparing your vehicle for long term winter storage is a must for those responsible for storing your course’s golf cars. Below you’ll find tips to remember when storing your electric-powered Club Cars.

Off – Neutral – Tow

Turn the key switch to the “off’ position, remove the key.

Leave the forward/reverse switch in the “neutral” position.

Then place the tow/run switch in the “tow” position.

If your vehicle has a operate/maintenance switch in lieu of the ‘tow/run’ switch, place the switch in “maintenance” position

Clean Tops and Terminals

Check, clean, and treat battery terminal connections with a battery terminal protector spray.

Tighten all battery cable connections.

Check the Water Levels

Check the water levels in each battery cell. If water is required, fill the cells to cover the plates, charge the set, and then use distilled water to top off each cell at least 1.5cm above the plates or to the level indicator.

Plug in Charger

Plug the battery charger into the car. Leave battery chargers plugged in during winter storage. If cars are equipped with an on-board computer, the OBC will automatically activate the charger when needed.

Keep an Eye on The Carts

If the battery charger is left plugged in during extended storage, check the water level and the charger function at least once a month to ensure that proper operation is maintained. To check charger function, disconnect the charger cord from the vehicle, wait five seconds before reconnecting and then ensure  that the charger turns back on.

Always Keep the Power On

If power is off for seven days or more, the OBC will not function or charge the vehicle again until it has been restarted. To restart the computer, make sure power has been restored, disconnect, wait five seconds and reconnect.

Pump Up Tyres

Check tyre pressure and inflate to 18 to 20 PSI, or as called for in the owner’s/operator’s manual. Please note, however, that tyre pressures should be checked regularly, not just for winter storage.

Clean Carts

Thoroughly clean the front and rear body, seats, battery compartment and underside of vehicle. You don’t want dirty carts when the new golfing season starts.


For more information on extended storage or overall golf car maintenance, consult your owner’s/operator’s manual or contact us.

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