Daily Inspections for your Golf Car Fleet

Before the fleet heads out on the course, we recommend a daily inspection.

This daily inspection can reduce downtime, keep cars performing at the top of their game, and includes a few simple tasks.

While staging vehicles, cart attendants should check the steering response. They should ensure the brakes activate properly and that there’s not too much free play.  Your staff should also check the accelerator pedal and make sure it returns to its upright position. Check both the brake and accelerator pedals to ensure there are no obstructions that would interfere with normal operation.

Also, evaluate the FORWARD/NEUTRAL/REVERSE switch, reverse buzzer, and speed to confirm proper function and also pay attention to any odd noises.

The last check is a complete walk around of the car once it is parked in the staging area:

• Make sure that all visible nuts, bolts, and screws are securely fastened.
• Check for proper tire pressure, wear, and damage.
• Fill batteries to the proper level. Also check battery posts to ensure wires are tight and free of corrosion.
• Look for cracks, loose connections, and frayed wiring in the charger cord, plug, and receptacle.
• On gasoline vehicles, check the engine oil and fuel levels.
• Check for leaks in the fuel tank as well as the fuel lines, cap, pump, filters, and carburettor.
• Confirm that all safety and warning decals are present.

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