Make a big impression with the Villager 4, the most economical people mover we sell. Safety, comfort and durability come standard with our gas and electric models.

Carry up to six passengers in comfort and style with the Villager 6, which offers the added flexibility of an optional fold-down rear seat that provides added cargo space.

Move larger groups easily with the Villager 8. It’s the perfect vehicle for tours, shuttles and resort transportation, with the power to transport your customers efficiently.

The Revolution Begins

You’ll get more power and efficiency from your Carryall utility vehicle with our new Subaru 404cc overhead cam engine with electronic fuel injection.

30% More Power

50% Less Fuel

Club Car E.R.I.C Charger

Club Car’s efficient charging system ERIC now available on the Villager Range.





On the golf course or on the street, your Club Car will handle and manoeuvre like a sports car, thanks to our innovativeSportDrive™ Steering & Suspension system. The automobile inspired chassis, steering and front and rear suspension deliver a confident, comfortable ride.

Club Car’s® motivation has always pushed beyond simply moving golfers and gear around the course. We vowed long ago to be an essential contributor to our customers’ profitability. This commitment has kept Club Car in front of every significant advance in the industry. Now, as ever, your success drives Club Car.

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